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Case Study: 300lbs PR in 6 Months!

Mickey is a former athlete, husband, father, and small business owner. He got fed up with watching the strength, physique, and athleticism he’d always known slip away because life was getting busy. This is his transformation in just 6 months.

  • Added 300 lbs to his squat, bench, and deadlift
  • Added 4 inches to his vertical jump
  • Shaved 1 minute off his mile time
  • Is excited about training with a purpose again

Case Study: 170lbs PR in 6 Months!

Keiran is a former athlete and coach who was struggling to train hard, fast and heavy without pain. Plus, he didn’t want to let go of the athleticism he’d known his entire life. This is his transformation in just 6 months.

  • Added 170 lbs to his squat, bench, and deadlift
  • Added 3 inches to his vertical and broad jump
  • Improved conditioning by 30%
  • Having fun training

Case Study: 20 lb PRs every 8 weeks!

Jennie is a former athlete turned full-time trainer who was struggling to do it all on her own. She’d end up overthinking and second-guessing everything she was doing – spinning her wheels without making real progress. Since coming onboard at Rebel she:

  • Adding 20 lbs to her squat, bench, and deadlift every 8 weeks
  • 325 x 5 deadlift
  • 135 x 6 bench
  • 265 x 5 squat
  • Feeling more athletic than when she was an athlete in college

Case Study: 18lbs of Muscle and No More Pain!

Dr. Charlie is a former collegiate rower turned full-time doctor. As someone who gets dropped in the mountains to save critically injured people he needed to put on muscle and strength but couldn’t seem to do it without being in pain. At Rebel Performance he has:

  • Put on 18 lbs of muscle
  • Added 100 lbs to his squat and bench
  • As fit as he was as a rower in college
  • Living at his peak

Case Study: Down 30 lbs, Strength Up 35%!

Martin wasn’t happy with the direction his health and fitness were heading, so he came on at Rebel and:

  • Down 30 lbs
  • Increased strength by 35%
  • Living his fittest life

Case Study: 100lbs Deadlift PR in 12 Weeks

Ian came to us wanting to deadlift 500 lbs before he turned 50. When trying to do it on his own he kept stalling out and getting diverted by back pain. In just 12 weeks with us he:

  • Hit a 100lbs deadlift PR
  • Got rid of back pain
  • Now shooting for 600 lbs before he turns 50

Case Study: 220lbs PR in 6 Months!

Dr. Jon is a former college basketball player turned physical therapist. After jumping from program to program and trying various phases of bodybuilding, powerlifting and olympic lifting without success, he came onboard at Rebel and:

  • Added 220lbs to his squat, bench, and deadlift
  • Shaved 90 seconds off his 1500 meter row time
  • Back to playing pickup basketball and feeling athletic

Case Study: 70lbs PR in 12 Weeks!

Luke is a former college lacrosse player that was struggling to break the 500 lbs deadlift barrier. After just 12 weeks with us he:

  • Did 500lbs for 5 reps (after never doing it once)
  • Added 70 lbs to his deadlift and bench press
  • Added 17 inches to his broad jump
  • Improved his conditioning by 14%

"The progress I made was stupid. I've never seen that type of progress in such a short period of time."

"All in all, I feel better. I don't feel rundown. The programming and conditioning is spot on."

"It's helped me perform and move like an athlete, which is something I've done most of my life."

"Has a much higher rate of return and much lower injury rate than when I was by myself."

"I've been able to find that rhythm again, and actually reignite my love for training."

"I've gotten faster, stronger, more powerful, and most importantly, I move better and feel better."

"I feel like a diesel powered velociraptor. I am out there running circles around dudes in lacrosse."

"To get good training from you guys and not have to think about it, that's a stressor off my brain."

'You're in a great community where people know what it is you need to accomplish as an athlete."

"I don't know how you do it...the results we get are crazy."

"I'm stronger than I've ever been, mainly because I was able to shut my brain off as a trainer."

"It's smart programming, a great community, and it's fun."

"You get feedback. You get motivation. You get support. It's a community."

"I've felt stronger than when I did Strongman, and I actually have cardio and conditioning now."

"I feel really good. I'm the strongest I've ever been, and I'm seeing body composition changes as well."

"The workouts are exactly what I should be doing, and there's no second guessing it."

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